The New Stuff

Project | Final Thesis 2012
Lecturer | Prof. Martin Tom Dieck
Title | Inbox

All important technology modifies our sense of space and time. Any technology that alters these elements affects the nature of communication. The faster we communicate and the more we desire share that something in our heads with others, the more busy our society gets. Inbox is an attempt to slow down things for a moment, so that we take a closer look at the tremendous change of time and space, that e-mail has effectuated.

The Events

i am a stranger here exhibition poster

Ort: Atelier & Galerie 52
Viehofer Straße 52
Eröffnung: 28.03 | 19 Uhr bis Sonntag um 19:00

Das Phänomen des Anderen:
ein Fremdsein als Motiv, Empfindung oder Zustand kennt jeder. Als Thema gilt, Fremdsein als Möglichkeit einer eigenen Geschichte zu verstehen und diese zu inszenieren, indem man die Dinge mit Distanz zu sehen versucht, als seien sie einem fremd, unbekannt. Das ist ein Mittel der Intensivierung, der poetischen Transponierung und der Bilderfindung – Ich ist ein Anderer.

diplom poster

Ort: Huyssenallee 58 – 62 | Atelier & Galerie 52 | Atelierhaus Alte Schule
Eröffnung: 20.03 | 19 Uhr
Zeitraum: 21.03 - 26.03

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Illustrations Quick Preview

Project | Trip Documentation 2012
Lecturer | Prof. Martin Tom Dieck
Title | 52°48'55"N 7°6'26"E

There is only one valuable thing in art:
The thing you cannot explain.
To see, we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.

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Advertisement Quick Preview

pro smoking advert poster

New times call for new thinking. The shift is happening everywhere. You don't have to guess what's on the minds of people today. People are connected and brands need to be part of the connection. Brands need to listen to the community. Think about all the businesses that are prospering and the ones that are suffering. Many that are suffering rely on TV commercials and haven't figured out a new way to sell their products. You don't have to go about the traditional way of marketing and advertising. So I say, make coversations NOT ads. Need to go where the people are. People have the power to kill brands or make them a success.

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Quick Contact Details

Sseguya Simon

Kampala Uganda


Gemarkenstr 113
45147 Essen



Educational Background Quick Preview

Bishop'senior Secondary School Mukono
Uganda Certificate of Education

Caltec Academy Makerere
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

Kyambogo University Kampala
Diploma in Teaching Art and Design

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Exhibitions Quick Preview

Tulifanya gallery Kampala
Discovery Exhibition
Annual young talent discovery exhibition
[sculptures and paintings]

Allerweltshaus Cologne | Uganda Tag
Joint exhibition with Kigozi David
[sculptures and paintings]

Evangelische Studentengemeinde Cologne[ESG]
Joint exhibition with Kigozi David
[sculptures and paintings]

Tulifanya Gallery kampala
Joint exhibition with Kakaire

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Software Skills

Adobe Design Suite skills

adobe cs5 icons image

Other software skills

Final Cut Pro.

Insipirational Sites

Design Sites

Tutorial Sites

Animations Quick Preview

animation Quickpreview image

Project | Home WS 2010
Lecturer | Prof. Dr. Peter Ulrich Hein
Title | Pay day

Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.
What I love most about animation is, that everything done is about pure imagination.

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